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An Interview with Attorney Khoshnood

What made you choose a career in bankruptcy law?

  • It is an area where I developed expertise and significant experience working at larger bankruptcy firms.
  • I enjoyed helping people who needed help and needed immediate assistance. Bankruptcy has an almost immediate impact on clients’ lives. For example, if a client’s vehicle is at risk of being repossessed, the repossession must be stopped when client files for bankruptcy giving client an immediate peace of mind. Same is true for clients who are facing bank garnishments, wage garnishments, foreclosures, IRS levies, and lawsuits filed by their creditors.
  • I enjoy helping clients get relief against their creditors.
  • I enjoy seeing clients clean up their credit so that they can have a fresh start in their financial life.

In your opinion, what sets your bankruptcy firm apart from other firms in the area?

  • We have a client focused approach. We take into account the client’s individual circumstances and recommend options that are tailored for that client as opposed to larger firms that don’t take the time to understand what the client needs.
  • Also, we do not have “straight out of school” attorneys. We have years of combined experience. The attorneys here have handled thousands and thousands of cases. We don’t dabble in other areas. Bankruptcy is what we do. We are a boutique consumer bankruptcy law firm. Every case is different and we tailor our cases to our clients’ unique situation. People just told one of my paralegals today that we are “nicer” that other firms. She said “everyone is so nice over there.” We don’t judge our clients, regardless of the circumstances. We provide a safe environment for the client to discuss his or her concerns and what he or she wants to accomplish. Unlike other firms we are not focused on our “numbers”. We don’t pressure people into fling into bankruptcy, we just provide them with solutions to consider. We are a more personable firm and provide personal attention.

Tell us about a case that you are particularly proud of:

  • In case we were able to provide advice that shortened the client’s time in bankruptcy by two years. The advice materialized in fact. After client received her discharge, we helped her get into an old age home (not part of our job). We saw someone in need with no immediate family to help and we stepped up and helped out.
  • We've helped clients through being struck by lightning, brain tumors etc, we were able to save their home for years.
  • We've helped people with complicated small business issues, had to work way more than we charged for and did all that we needed to do.
  • We've helped client through a difficult divorce and helped him navigate through two cases to get a discharge.
  • We've helped severely handicapped client through cases protecting her vehicle. Negotiated to get her personal belonging from storage even though she was in default.

What steps do you take to prepare for a difficult case?

  • Effective communication with the Trustee and the client to craft the best possible argument for the client combined with comprehensive legal research.

How do you view your role in the attorney-client relationship?

  • We take it very seriously and we comply with all the requirements of the State Bar of Georgia

What sets you apart from other attorneys – why is this important?

  • We give personal attention.
  • We offer payment plans and often lowest startup cost.
  • We are focused in this area as bankruptcy is our only area of practice.

How does having experience benefit your clients?

  • We are known by Trustees, Judges, and main creditor law firms in our area know us. We go before the same judges and trustee every week and we understand how to negotiate and how to best accomplish our clients’ goals. We have developed credibility with the trustees, judges and creditor attorneys over the past 12 years and thousands of cases later.

What types of cases do you specifically handle?

  • Consumer bankruptcy chasers and people owning small businesses.

In your opinion, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

  • Helping people. Relieve anxiety, they feel so much better show them that it is not the end of the world and there are options, give hope there is life after bankruptcy.

What advice do you most often give your clients & why?

  • Financial difficulties are temporary, there is a way out, there are options, bankruptcy is to help not to destroy your life.

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