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Bankruptcy Courts in Georgia

How to Determine the Appropriate Court for Your Hearing

With so many different areas in Georgia, the bankruptcy courts are split up into separate districts. There are three districts and each district has its separate divisions, with each division covering a group of counties. Typically if you are the resident of a county covered by a specific division, you will file their cases in that specific court where your hearings will then be held. If you are uncertain which district or division you fall into and which court you should be attending, an Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer from our team at Khoshnood Law Firm, P.C. can help guide you.

For example, the Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court has four divisions, which are Atlanta, Newnan, Gainesville, and Rome. You have to pay close attention to the counties covered by each district. When filing for bankruptcy, there is no room to make mistakes.

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Courts Serving the Northern, Middle, & Southern Districts

Many of our clients find the way that districts are split up is confusing, and the names of the districts for bankruptcy courts in Georgia can also be confusing. Mostpeople also commonly relate to the courthouse of the county of their residence as the place for legal proceedings. That is not the case here since not all cities does have a Bankruptcy Court and certain counties are part of specific divisions of the Bankruptcy Courts. Fortunately you have nothing to worry about, because at our firm we care about our clients and want to make sure that you do not have any unexpected surprises for your upcoming hearings.

The Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia includes:

  • Atlanta Division
  • Gainesville Division
  • Rome Division
  • Newnan Division

The Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Georgia includes:

  • Albany Division
  • Athens Division
  • Columbus Division
  • Macon Division
  • Valdosta Division

The Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Georgia includes:

  • Augusta Division
  • Brunswick Division
  • Dublin Division
  • Savannah Division
  • Waycross Division
  • Statesboro Divisions

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