Bankruptcy Courts in Georgia

The bankrupcty courts in Georgia are split into three districts and each district has its separate divisions.  Each division covers a group of counties.  Typically, residents of counties covered by a specific division file their cases there. The hearings are also held in the same division.  For example, Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court has four divisions (Atlanta, Newnan, Gainesville, and Rome).  A resident of Cumming, GA (located in Forsyth County, GA) should file her case in Gainesville Division, which is located in Hall County, GA.  Most people find this a little confusing, since most people commonly relate to the courthouse of the county of their residence as the place for legal proceedings.   That is not the case here since Cumming does not have a Bankruptcy Court and Forsyth County is part of Gainesville Division of the Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Georgia.

Bankruptcy Courts in GeorgiaThe names of the districts for bankruptcy courts in Georgia can also be confusing.  For example, Valdosta, which is located way south on the Georgia/Florida Border is part of the Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Georgia, or Augusta, GA which is as far north as Atlanta is located in the Southern District. So you have to pay close attention to the counties covered by each district.  You can also click to see a map of bankruptcy courts in Georgia boundaries by county.

Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Georgia

Click here to see a list of all the Georgia counties matched with their corresponding divisions

Albany, Athens, Columbus Division, Macon, Valdosta

Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Georgia

Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Savannah, Waycross, Statesboro

Khoshnood law firm, P.C.  is a law firm with years of experience successfully handling thousands of bankruptcy cases in Georgia.  We practice in all divisions of Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome, Newnan) and we practice in the Athens Division and Macon Division of the Bankruptcy court for the Middle District of Georgia. There are differences on how bankruptcy cases are administrated in each division. This is particularly the case in Chapter 13 cases.  We hope this has helped explain the different bankruptcy courts in Georgia.

If you are thinking about filing a case on your own, please read my article on the subject of “how to file bankruptcy on my own”.

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