Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys

Welcome to Khoshnood Law Firm, P.C. For almost a decade, our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys have worked one on one with our clientele to improve their lives, and deliver them the fresh start they deserve. We care about our clients, and strive to make a difference every day. Each and every client is different, with a different story, and different legal problems. All of our clients are treated like the individuals they are, and get personalized attention that is unrivaled. Our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys are here to listen and help (Read our testimonials).

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys at Khoshnood Law Firm, PC focus on helping consumers as well as small businesses get out of debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt settlement options. The Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys at Khoshnood Law Firm PC, have helped thousands of Georgians and small businesses facing difficult situations. Whether you are facing collection calls, lawsuits, garnishments or if you are just having a hard time sleeping at night thinking about your debt, we may be able to help you more than you ever imagined!  Of course, everything starts with your free initial consultation.

Free and personalized evaluation  of your situation starts by our Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys starts with your first step:  read our article called is bankruptcy right for me?  If, after reading the article, you feel like you may benefit from bankruptcy debt relief then either call, email, or initiate an online chat with one of our bankruptcy specialists. Once we learn more about your situation, we will be able to suggest solutions designed to get you out of debt,